Wednesday, May 7, 2008


alrighttty so ive been thinking about making a short movie for like ever and i finally am trying to get it together

first thing--i need a short story/script to jump off from. if anyone has any ideas about that it needs to be a story mainly set in either somewhere similar to mtc, upstate ny, or nyc unless i can figure out a way to make wherever we shoot believable. it also needs to be as few actors and special effects as possible so think-love story?or not w/e i was thinking of basing it on a song maybe pj harvey because she has so much emotion in her music but anyyywaaayyyyyyyy

actors- i am not even thinking about that until the script is closer to finished but if you know anyone who might be interested just tell me obviously i want most if not all of the cast to be our age because i feel like adults would just be annoying

if anyone has anything to contribute...
-sam, camera?
-asjia i think i can hear you laughing at me hahha,
-emilia you dont get to act but maybe we can have you sing for the theme song hahaha

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