Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gangsta Story

(this is for class)

Last weekend I was CHILLing with my CREW, riding in my DUDE's WHIP. We were BUGGIN' 'cause the music was OFF THE HOOK. We were riding through the HOOD when we heard the tire pop. We thought it was the 5-0 or somebody with HEAT. I started WILDIN' and my dude DISsed me, "YO, SON! REAL TALK you are a SUCKA!" I realized it was just the whip so I calmed down.
The whip was broken for now, until he could get a new tire, so my crew decided to hop on the subway. We were just sittin' on the train saying "WHAT'S UP" to HOT SHORTIES and DIMES, when one of the guys starts BREAKIN'. He told me to join in. I was like "SIKE! You must be DUMB, I got my FRESH TIMBS on!" He said "Aight, I bet you ain't got FLOW either!" I said "You must be DEAF too! My rhymes are SICK I'm not STUTTIN'". He thought it was just a FRONT, so I decided to do some FLOSSIN'. I was BALLING and really GULLY. It was DOPE. I could tell he was jealous of my GRILL, too. He could see he ICE in my teeth. He saw my skills and he said "PEACE!". I said "ONE" knowing that if he saw all the CHEESE in my pocket, all that PAPER would scare him away. My homies gave me PROPS and said"MAKE IT RAIN" so I flashed my cash and bling and soon the subway was JUMPIN'!

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