Monday, May 19, 2008


I've noticed that basically all my posts recently have been a picture and a sentence or two. That is because I have been so busy and none of my co-authors have been posting (ahem). School is almost done for the year and there is so much shit to work out before grades are submitted. I basically don't have any school this week because of memorial day and it is a short week next week too. Classes are getting exponentially longer feeling and I'm procrastinating more and more. I really need to get a camera so i can start uploading photos of my outfits and cool things but for now just imagine! Summer is coming soon so I was trying to think up some plans today. I need to get a job... probably at eclectic. Also I'm going to camp for two weeks. I might be working at a film company or interning at a local tv station. I'm also probably going to the SPAN national convergence in D.C. in july. oh and I need a tan!

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